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I really hated Kelsey, she always thought she was so "strong" and hated being weak, but in all honesty, she was one of the weakest characters I'd ever met. She relied on other people to do things for her, and she ran from everything as soon as it got tough. At one point, she literally faked an injury to get Jackson to carry her up some stairs. Then when he got tired, she thought, "I should be nice to him and give him a break," like she's being so generous by doing this.

As for her habit of running away, she would never face her problems. She blew them off, and instead thought that getting wasted would be a better solution. I hated her whole demeanor, and she didn't develop at all into a better person. She consistently blew people off, ran from her problems, and manipulated.

Another issue I had was with Kelsey's inner dialogue. What I found completely implausible was the fact that she would be completely drunk, and then she'd be philosophizing about how dark and messed up her life was in her stupor. It seemed that Cora was trying to make Kelsey a broken character by adding these random monologues that tried to portray her with a dark, twisted past, but I couldn't sympathize with her because of the choice of placement of these monologues.

It was, without a doubt, an info-dump and, consequently, made her "dark past" forced. What was the point of calling him ten different names? But, I also had an issue with him and the romance. First of all, that plot twist was useless.

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Secondly, their romance was so intsa-lovey. They didn't learn a single thing about each other, but they still went on adventures together. If you asked me to list everything I knew about Jackson, all I would be able to come up with for you would be a soldier with one heck of an ass. The romance was so underdeveloped, stemming from one meeting that resulted in them lusting after each other.

I would strongly suggest you passed on Finding It. It was nothing like Cora's previous two books, which I adored. With the insta-love, annoying main character, and awkward writing, I couldn't find anything that I liked. Oct 26, lucie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Being an adult is hard work. New Life Realization 2: What a book to start a new reading year! It was a perfect pick.

To be honest, I've had low expectations from this book. I thought it will be just an average read, not a 5-star read which become one of my favorites. So, this girl named Kelsey is travelling around Europe so she can enjoy her life and piss her dad off in the process.


One night she meets a stranger guy who's witnessing the most embarassing moment of her life and cannot stop laughing at her. And then she meets him another day when she's drugged and he saves her. And then they meet in a train and start travelling together. Ok, that's not the best and the most appealing description but you have an idea.

I already fell in love with him when they still were in Budapest starting point. In a good kind of way.

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I even had butterflies in my stomach. I am Czech and I was so happy to read about our capital city. I had the same feeling like I have while reading Mariana Zapata 's books. And he fell in love in the process. It reminded me the movie Chasing Liberty - my guilty pleasure kind of movie. I am sure I will re-read this soon. Aug 28, Ashley rated it did not like it Shelves: Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews 1. I thought Losing It and Faking It were great for a few reasons: Finding It has none of those things.

Kelsey is not a likable character. She uses alcohol and sex to solve every single one of her problems, and I never feel like that changes—not even a Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviews 1. She uses alcohol and sex to solve every single one of her problems, and I never feel like that changes—not even at the end of the book. Every move she makes is in an effort to sexually seduce Jackson and get him to have sex with her.

This made it really hard for me to connect with Kelsey. I never sympathized with her or even liked her that much. She always seemed like such a shallow character. And she always talked about how she was "Done with [her] dad controlling [her] life", but she had no problem running around Europe on his money. Kelsey And Kelsey couldn't even go a few days without sex without complaining.

I get that she was a party girl, but geeze. I don't think I was prepared to handle all her crap. I think I thought that she'd get better or she wouldn't really be that bad, but she was. After a few nights, I couldn't take it anymore. Kelsey In general, the whole story felt quick, fleeting, and shallow. I never truly got invested in the story or characters. Kelsey and Jackson's relationship was insta-love from the very beginning.

She saw him, drooled over his abs, and wanted to get in his pants. He saw her, thought she was sexy, but tried to hold back and wanted a relationship. But immediately that attraction was there, and that's all it ever felt like—physical attraction. They rarely talked or got to know each other Stop being a pansy, and just take my clothes off. Kelsey And talk about making it easy to seduce Hunt. If I couldn't do it in Italy, someone should take away my vagina because I didn't deserve it.

Kelsey Also there were a few small things that bugged me.. Like the fact that Kelsey was able to get a work visa in Europe SO easily—in less than a month. You can't just waltz into Europe and get a work visa, believe me Finding It had none of the elements that I loved in Cora Carmack's other two books.

Well Finding It isn't funny or awkward. That's just not part of the book at all, which surprised me since it was so prominent in the other two books. In both cases, they were super slow burning, passionate, and just great romances to read about. But in Finding It it felt so shallow. I never felt like I knew or cared about the characters or their relationship at all.

It felt like pure attraction and pure sex, but not a real relationship. Kelsey and Jackson didn't even know each other.. I didn't even know them. And as a result, I just couldn't get into their relationship at all. Finding It is more a book about "I have super intense problems and I'm damaged and z0mg I need a man to fix me.

At the beginning, her main problem is that she runs away from her problems, and I feel like she's still doing that at the end. It kind of gave the whole story a "What's the point? So, ultimately, I'm really disappointed in Finding It. I thought this book would be a slam dunk since I loved the other two books..

The book was supposed to be all about a great romance, but it didn't even have that. It was too insta-lovey and too focused on physical attraction rather than real feelings and emotional connection. View all 3 comments.

Finding It (Losing It, #3) by Cora Carmack

The story starts off with Kelsey in Europe partying, getting drunk, having sex with random strangers. She meets Jackson Hunt and together they travel on a road trip, seeking new adventures. What I liked about this book is the places and adventures that they went on. I felt like I was on my own little holiday.

I love when people love me Kelsey started off very unlikeable, she was spoilt and spending her parents money. I thought she dragged the story down at 4 stars This book grew on me. I thought she dragged the story down at the start. When she started her road trip with Hunt I felt the change in her. Remind anyone of another book? For me personally, it did.

Secret London: finding bits of lost London Bridge

If I didn't know his secret, he never had to know mine Overall I liked the story and I would recommend this if you love road trip adventure, new adult with a couple of twists along the way x View all 12 comments. Jul 13, Chiv marked it as to-read. She's having the time of her life I found Cora's first book Losing It accidently and just read it. I didn't expect anything new or fresh, just a quick light read. I didn't expect a wonderful novel with heart warming characters that were so easy to connect to. I can't wait to see more of Cora's work. Dec 31, Brianna Maddox rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this book, I felt I didn't connect to Jackson and Kelsey as much as I did with the previous 2 books, but all the traveling made me want to go out and do it.

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  • Finding It.
  • I wanted more to both their stories and especially the ending. Aug 25, Miss. Und mal ganz ehrlich: It was such a great new adult trilogy! It wasn't perfect but I loved it anyway! Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass dismal nur aus der Sicht einer Person Kelseys geschrieben wird oder dass die Story nicht am College spielt und Cora Carmack das Umherreisen besser beschrieben kann.

    Oct 21, Jenny Q rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have a confession to make: After reading half a dozen books featuring rotten players who were supposed to be heroes, wishy-washy heroines who could do much better, and nothing but sex everywhere with nary a real story in sight, I quickly became disenchanted with the "new adult" genre.

    I vowed not to allow myself to be drawn in again by a sexy cover and a flashy description. So when the blog tour invitation arrived for Finding It , I was hesitant. But I was drawn to the different sett 4. But I was drawn to the different setting of this one--who can resist a European tour with a hunky guy? So I read it. Actually, I inhaled it. And upon finishing, I was like, Holy cow, this is what new adult is supposed to be like! I was drawn into Kelsey's story right off the bat and I couldn't put it down.

    It's been awhile since a book has really gotten under my skin, and I'm grateful to Finding It for pulling me out of my slump. Not only is the book exceptionally well written, but there's actually a real, meaningful STORY to go along with the sexy times. Kelsey has just graduated from college and is attempting to find some purpose to her life.

    She comes from a wealthy family, a product of a loveless marriage, and her parents are far more concerned with appearances and their own projects than they are with their daughter. As her friends settle in to post-college jobs and relationships, Kelsey feels lost. So what better way to find herself than to spend a few months partying across Europe on her daddy's credit cards? But Kelsey soon realizes that putting thousands of miles between herself and her problems doesn't make them go away, and she's not finding that sense of purpose and meaning she's desperately seeking in clubs and bars.

    So when she meets sexy fellow American Jackson Hunt, who is not into drinking and casual sex, but is into showing her what she's been missing on her grand tour, Kelsey decides a change in gears is exactly what she needs. I loved reading along as Jackson took her to some of his favorite places in Europe, many of them off the beaten track and none of them including a bar or a club. I could feel the point where Kelsey started to finally get the big picture, when she realized that slowing down and just being, just enjoying the view and savoring the moment, was what it was really all about, and I was so happy for her.

    I was also happy that she got to experience one of the most awesome first kisses ever real first kisses--you'll know what I mean when you read it! And I loved that Kelsey and Jackson didn't just fall into bed together. She wants him from the beginning, and she knows he wants her and that he feels the deeper connection growing between them, but something is holding him back.

    At one point, I had a niggling little suspicion about the secret Jackson was hiding, but I had completely forgotten about it by the time the bomb was dropped, and I was left reeling just like Kelsey was. But she needed that experience too. Because in the end, Kelsey's European tour does finally serve its purpose--helping Kelsey find hers. It's not easy and there are some bumps in the road, but she emerges stronger, more grounded, and ready to be an adult and start the rest of her life. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

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    Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts) Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts)
    Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts) Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts)
    Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts) Lost in Kew - Book 3 (The Kewts)
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