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Her explanation of how it happened offers useful insights for any writerthinking about producing a series of three of more books. A Relative Invasion took me far longer to complete than my Ph. Am I now a trilogist? It was meant as a novel.

Writing a Trilogy: Essential Tips for Crafting a Three-Part Series

I began to write the story of a good-hearted boy, Billy, who was going to need all the resilience he could muster to weather the threat of war, and the threat of his manipulative cousin. A trilogy never entered my mind. This was a story about rivalry. Much advice on ALLi and elsewhere suggests that series work best for the indie writer.

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Is the same true of a trilogy? A trilogy suggests an entity like the three-movement sonata in music , or the triptych in art. Finally, you need to be a sticker; someone with a persistent, resilient personality who does not give up what they have started.

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I wrote these traits into my main character, and he helped me to stay the course. Is three a magic number for a series, or are you pursuing a different plan for your series? Since her name was Lisa Lisabetta I premised she was the original subject of a pair of portraits — two Lisas painted simultaneously. There is historical evidence that supports this.

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As an art history major, that premise was enough to hook me. Lisa and the boy must work together to be visible and acknowledged. Eventually, I self-published in one volume, but it was a huge doorstop of a book that weighed heavily with formidable shipping costs, and being a new author, it was priced too high for anyone to take a risk on an unknown. But then, regardless of the publishing rules, I think certain stories require depth and length.

The historical details had to be correct, and since the Italian renaissance is a rich subject, it grew exponentially… with no info dumps, as new characters emerged.

In my opinion, authors are best writing what feels compelling rather than to market. Technical changes in printing and film in the mid-to-late 20th century made the creation of trilogies more feasible, while the development of mass media and modern global distribution networks has made them more likely to be lucrative. Creators of trilogies may later add more works.

4 Ways to Plot a Trilogy

In such a case, the original three works may or may not keep the title "trilogy". Complicating the matter, the Foundation series was originally eight short stories and novelettes written for science fiction magazines; its division into three books is more or less incidental. The first three novels in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series were dubbed a trilogy, and even after he extended the series, author Douglas Adams continued to use the term for humorous effect - for example, calling Mostly Harmless "the fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named trilogy.

A Star Wars Story are generally separated into three trilogies; the " original trilogy " composed of the three films released between and , the " prequel trilogy " the three films released between and , which take place before the original three films and the " sequel trilogy " composed of two films released in and , with a third scheduled for release in , set after the original trilogy.

trilogy | Definition of trilogy in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Film series which at one point had three entries before spawning further sequels, such as Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park , were considered trilogies until the sequels were announced. Sometimes a trio of works is known as a trilogy because of its creator.

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For example, before Kevin Smith 's films Clerks , Mallrats and Chasing Amy were often marketed as "The New Jersey Trilogy" [7] because they had overlapping characters, events and locations. After the release of a fourth film, Dogma , the series is referred to as "the View Askewniverse ". Three works with similar themes from a creator may later come to be known as a trilogy, especially if produced one after the other.

The Steven Spielberg films A. Similarly, issues 48, 49, and 50 of the Fantastic Four comic book which introduced the characters of Galactus and Silver Surfer are commonly known as the Galactus Trilogy , although the term wasn't used in the original issues.

In the modern era of home video , story arcs from a long-running television series might be packaged as a trilogy boxset even if they weren't presented as such originally.

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One of the most popular "trilogies" of fantasy books, The Lord of the Rings by J. Tolkien , is not a trilogy, though it is often referred to as such. Because of the high cost of type-setting and the modest anticipated sales, it was originally published in three volumes to minimize any potential financial loss. It is still most commonly sold as three volumes, but has also been published in one-volume and seven-volume editions six books and the appendices.

Occasionally, more than three works are planned but never finished. The Gormenghast fantasy trilogy is a trilogy by default, as author Mervyn Peake planned to write more novels set in that fictional world until his health failed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Trilogy disambiguation. Archived from the original on 7 January Retrieved 2 December A Master Taking Chances".

How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy
How To... Trilogy How To... Trilogy

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